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Melville Thomas Architects


01 About MTA

We are a husband and wife team of skilled architects who use good design and quality management to produce residential projects for clients with discerning taste . . . and clients who are willing to strive for good architecture.

Our clients understand that there is a difference between a good plan and a good house.


Our clients are willing to explore the interesting nuances of a design that is driven not only by their program but also the site and its views, from the inside out and the outside in.

Our clients want something a little bit different and are willing to embrace "quirky" elements that make a house special. Elements that come from the rough edges of a site or a program or a function or a regulation. We look for opportunities to celebrate the surprises that these elements create.


Our clients understand that there is a cost to doing something good and that "cheap" is rarely inexpensive.


Our clients engage us and push us and ask us really good questions. And they are awarded with a better design for asking us to listen. That said our clients listen to us and respect our professional opinion.

As a small firm we strive for the seamless integration of design and implementation. 


02 Selected Work


03 Residential Clients

  • Tim and Joanne Regan: Long Lake, NY 2020/Bethany Beach DE 2015

  • Tony and Liz Moag: Ruxton, MD 2020/Bethany Beach DE 2013

  • Ken and Anne Stuzin: Keene, NY 2020/Baltimore MD (Roland Park) 2000

  • Frank and Nancy Palmer: Oaktie, SC 2020

  • Dan Leraris and Sybil Mead: Ruxton, MD 2020/Baltimore (Homeland) 2015

  • Stephanie and David Eiswert:  Phoenix, MD 2019/2016/2014

  • Tom and Lisa Graham: Baltimore County, MD 2019

  • Scott Helm and Lesley Malin: Baltimore MD (Blythewood), 2019

  • Davis Farvolden and Margo Lauterbach: Ruxton, 2017

  • Alan and Diana Ingraham: Reistertown MD 2016

  • Frank and Ellen Potepan: Butler, MD  2016

  • David and Katherine Gaines: Baltimore MD (Roland Park) 2016

  • Joe and Suzie Sullivan: Owings Mills, MD 2015

  • Andie and Jack Laporte: Ruxton MD 2015/1996/1990

  • Matt and Natalie Nichols: Baltimore MD (Roland Park) 2015

  • Cheryl and Evan Mickel: Lutherville, MD 2014

  • Jo and Jeff Helman: Baltimore County MD 2014

  • Steven Krichbaum and Arielle Goldman: Owings Mills, MD 2013

  • John and Barbara Wakeman: Lutherville MD 2013/2008/2002

  • Ron and Lissen Tutrone: Towson MD 2017/2012/2003

  • Amy and Scott Frew: Ruxton, MD 2012

  • Giraud and Carolyn Foster: Baltimore MD (Roland Park) 2012

  • Mollie and Matt Franke: Baltimore MD (Homeland) 2011

  • Dulany and Matt Dent: Ruxton MD 2011

  • Eilif and Merete Serck-Hanssen: Ruxton MD 2011

  • Greg and Beth McCrickard: Ruxton MD 2011

  • Antti Eklund: Baltimore MD (Roland Park) 2010

  • Philip and Lynn Rauch: Ruxton MD 2010

  • Rebecca Rabin and Scott Bloomberg: Baltimore MD (Roland Park) 2010/Baltimore MD (Mt Washington) 2021 

  • Alessandro and Luisa Olivi: Baltimore MD (Homeland) 2010

  • Barry and Urszula Antonelli: Phoenix MD 2009

  • Ed and Ellen Bernard: Ruxton MD 2009/2003/2001

  • Jorge and Anne Celaya: Baltimore MD 2009

  • Paul Fowler and Frank McNeil: Baltimore MD (Guilford) 2009

  • Ancelmo Lopes and Barbara Hill: Baltimore MD (Guilford) 2015/2009/2006

  • Keith and Nancy Getter: Baltimore MD (Guilford) 2009

  • Jean Wyman: Ruxton MD 2008

  • Tony and Susan Whitman: Baltimore MD (Roland Park) 2008

  • Scott Plank and Dana DiCarlo: Baltimore MD (Guilford) 2008

  • Tom and Barbara Neale: Baltimore MD 2008

  • Paul Tarantino and Charlotte Modly: Baltimore MD 2008

  • Mike and Beth Falcone: Chestertown MD 2007

  • Adam and Meredith Borden: Baltimore MD (Guilford) 2007

  • Kevin and Melanie McCreadie: Baltimore MD (Guilford) 2007

  • Bruce and Lindsay Fleming: Baltimore MD (Guilford) 2007

  • Cliff and Courtney Muller: Ruxton MD 2007/2000

  • William Jews: Baltimore County MD 2007/2003/1999

  • Stephen and Gail Shawe: Easton MD 2006/1996

  • Kent and Nancy Croft: Ruxton MD 2005

  • Stuart and Lynn Janney: Butler MD 2005

  • James A. C. Kennedy: Hunt Valley MD 2005 and Lutherville MD 1994

  • Bob and Holly Weltcheck: Baltimore County MD 2005

  • Mark Willard and Russell Parrott: Baltimore County MD 2005

  • Tom and Barbara Moses/Zadek: Baltimore County MD 2005

  • David and Suzi Cordish: Gibson Island MD 2004/Baltimore Co MD 2004

  • Doug and Fran Ober: Towson MD 2004

  • Jamie and Cindy Smith: Easton MD 2004

  • Glenn and Cathy Evans: Phoenix MD 2003

  • Rich and Lisa Rapuano: Ruxton MD 2003

  • Hutch and Susan Vernon: Baltimore MD 2003

  • Nancy Cohen: Ruxton MD 2003/2002

  • David and Sasenka Dalury: Glyndon MD 2002

  • William and Megan Carlson: Boring MD 2001

  • Harold and Janice Adams: Baltimore MD (Mt. Washington) 2000

  • Randle and Nancy Goetze: Hunt Valley MD 2000

  • George and Anne Bunting: Baltimore MD 1999

  • Alan and Louie Hoblitzell: Baltimore County MD 1997

  • Frank and Janet Kelly: Baltimore MD 1997

  • George and Robin Dalsheimer: Baltimore County MD 1996

  • George and Nancy Gephart: Dewey Beach DE 1994

  • Keith and Paula Segalman: Ruxton MD 2019/Baltimore MD 2010

  • Jonathan and Samantha Manekin: Ruxton MD 2021

  • Chris and Susan Grant: Baltimore Co MD 2021

  • Tony and Pamela Guerrerio: Baltimore MD (Guilford) 2020/2017

  • Rick and Michele Staisloff: Annapolis MD 2015

  • John and Pam Corckran: Baltimore MD (Roland Park) 2018/1998

  • Scott and Lisa Cousino: Baltimore MD (Homeland) 1997

  • Norman and Shari Frost: Baltimore MD (Guilford) 2003

  • Michael and Jane Glick: Ruxton MD 2002

  • Chris and Liz Sheehan: Ruxton MD 1997

  • Tom and Leslie Owlsley: Baltimore Co MD 2008

  • George and Lacey Sakellaris: Baltimore Co MD 2018

  • George and Liz Kochman: Howard Co MD 2014

  • Ed and Gail Veilleux: Baltimore Co MD 2014

  • Rob Blanchard and Carol Vargo: Baltimore MD (Roland Park) 2015

  • John and Lauren Macsherry: Ruxton MD 2018

  • David Tuchman and Linda Rosenthal: Baltimore Co MD 2018


04 Contact

Melville Thomas Architects, Inc.

608 West University Parkway

Baltimore, Maryland 21210

Laura Melville Thomas, President, RA, AIA

(410) 409 - 9152

George Thomas, RA

(410) 409 - 9153

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